We repair your paint damages caused by stonechip

About us

Our key words are service, quality and efficency

We are a young company that started our business in the fall of 2017. Since then we have been steadily developing, both in terms of staff and with an ever growing customer base. Our customer base consists mainly of car dealers and we work primarily with the used cars market. Virtually all car brands found on the market are represented among our customers. We can also work with damaged new cars, car rental companies, taxi operations etc.

In short, where there is a need to fix stonechip in varnish. There we can help..

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We keep the original paint in our repairs

Our method of repairing stonechips is very resource saving compared to, for example, repainting. We are working to repair minor damage and to maintain the existing original paint.

Work is constantly underway to replace chemicals and improve products from an environmental point of view, without sacrificing the sustainability and quality of the products. We strive to make the smallest possible environmental impact.


How we work

Our method of repairing stonechip gives a significantly better result than is possible with ordinary varnish sticks. In many cases, the stonechip becomes almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. We customize color individually to each car for best color matching. Solid or metallic paint does not matter, everything can be fixed. The result is durable and nothing that is washed or polished away..


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